Sexual Anchors: Does it work?

It has now been about half a year, and I left myself a note to follow up with my "test group" who I lent "Sexual Anchors" to.

Initially, they had some very positive reviews, but I was curious as to the long term results.  

I was very pleasantly surprised to hear that the sex has continued to get better since that time.

As you may recall, at the one month mark, 1/3 hadn't read the book - however she has since read it based upon the reviews of the other 2/3, so I shall add her review as well (though hers is a month behind the others)

Reviewer 1:
"My reaction to the book was that of mild amusement and, to be honest, I didn't fully expect the techniques within to work.  However, after the first half month, I began noticing a distinct difference in my partner.  By the end of the month, the sex was, to put it bluntly, better than it had been since the honeymoon.  We have been together 15 years, and... wowzers!"

"Since that time, I was under the impression that there was nowhere to go but down (again) but I was wrong.  Since my focus has been towards improving my partner, I then shifted the focus to myself as well, as the book says it can "positively brainwash" both you and your partner -- so I put the techniques to work upon myself as well... and that's when things really took off."

"I can safely say this book has made me a much, much, MUCH happier person."

Reviewer 2:
"The sex gets better, but, as they say in the book, the techniques aren't limited to just the physical - the INTIMACY got better, the cuddling got better... hell, we even share the household chores better!!!  This book didn't just make me orgasm more frequently... it saved our marriage!"

Reviewer 3:
"I was super skeptical of this book.  I didn't even open it until I heard my two friends tell me how positive the results for them had been.  My partner has always been... reserved, sexually, and I've always wanted to be more... unreserved."

"I honestly didn't think I'd ever get the sex I wanted, as we were just from two different worlds.  I'd grown accustomed to our infrequent, and unstimulating romps, and I was 'fine' with it."

"While I wouldn't go as far to say that this book revolutionized our sex... I would say that its improved it dramatically.  There's still a long way to go before I would call my lover a dynamo in the sack... but for the first time in our relationship, I see a positive option for the future."

How to have better sex in long term relationships

Well, those of you who've been reading the blog know that about a month ago I lent my book "Sexual Anchors" to a few friends who agreed to try out its techniques.

1/3 didn't read the book, but the other two did, and have applied some of the techniques.  Here are a few of their testimonies.  You can tell that there are two distinctly different personalities here (lol)

"Sweet Jesus, it hasn't been that good since the honeymoon"

"I'm seeing some improvement in frequency of sex, as well as attentiveness of my husband"

It seems as though our initial thoughts on the book have been proven by our test group.

Success!  Book:  Recommended :-)

How to have better sex

"What if sex got better as you were in a relationship longer?" is the tagline of this book I just read, called "Sexual Anchors".

I called bullshit, but, it was only a few bucks and I figured what the heck.

Well, I have to say, I was really blown away by this book.  You can tell there were a lot of bright individuals working on this, but it reads easy and smooth.

The book basically explains how the human attraction system works, and how to bend it to your will.  Some really advanced concepts, but, as I said, really easy to read and understand.

I'm not in a long term relationship myself, but a few of my friends are.  I lent them my Kindle and the book, so, we'll see their results!

Weight Loss Results!

It has now been officially one year since Ashley volunteered for our weight loss experiment, and, we are happy to announce that she is currently 142 lbs.  As her ideal weight is around 140, we are super, super proud of her, and she, is very, very happy with this product.

I know some of you have been patiently waiting for a year to get this testimonial, but, its official!  If you want to lose weight fast, and keep it off:  This product is for you!

For those of you who have no idea what I'm writing about, we paid one of our readers to try out a weight loss product whose claims (backed by a money back guarantee) were sounding "too good to be true".  We were happily surprised, and happily wrong, as they are indeed accurate claims!

Congratulations again Ashley!!!

Weight Loss Project Follow Up

Ok, so, some of you are waiting to see the follow up on our little weight loss experiment we started on July 5th with Ashley.  We monitored her results for about a month, and were impressed that she lost about 27 pounds in a month.  BUT, we were skeptical if it would STAY off, like these people claim.

Ashley's ideal weight is about 140, and, she is happy to announce that with this diet she has now reached her goal!  As she was close to 200 before, this is a huge accomplishment for her!  (sound of audience clapping)

So, the weight has officially stayed off for several months (and, in fact, kept going off!!)

We shall, as we said, check in again with her in 6 more months, but, so far, I give this product quite a hefty review!

Healthy Natural Skin, Fighting Acne without chemicals

Well, you guys loved the weight loss product when we paid for you to try it and send in your results... so we thought we'd do it again with some Acne fighting products.

So, same deal as before you guys, we'll pay for you to try the product, you send in your results.  If they're positive, we'll promote the product on the blog!

Weight Loss Product Review

Well, the results from our little test are in!  Thanks so much to our readers who participated in the experiment and tried out the weight loss product!

Review:  IT WORKS!

"Like Amber, I was a little skeptical that it would just be another one of those diets where you starve yourself or eat nothing but chicken-feed for a month, but, I was not only pleasantly surprised with the diet itself, but also with the results!  I'm looking forward to seeing this long-term, and I have high hopes based on the science they provide in the write ups!"
- Ashley 185 lbs down to 158 lbs in one month

Now, we'll still have to do a follow up in a few months, to see if the weight stays off (as 25lbs in 25 days is usually something that springs right back, but this website gives a money back guarantee that it won't, THUS the experiment!)

So, I'll write again in 3 months, again in 6, and again in a year to follow up and monitor the results.

But, for now:  We endorse and approve, as the weight did, in fact, get lost in a very short period of time!